Who is SUTENT for?

SUTENT Clinical Trial Results

SUTENT Clinical Trial Results

SUTENT was studied in a clinical trial involving 615 adult patients who were at high risk of RCC coming back after kidney cancer surgery. For approximately 1 year after kidney cancer surgery, 309 patients took SUTENT, while 306 took a placebo, or sugar pill.

What is adjuvant therapy

What is adjuvant therapy?

Adjuvant therapy is an additional treatment taken after your primary treatment, such as surgery. The goal of adjuvant therapy is to help reduce the risk of recurrence. As you read on, you’ll find out more about SUTENT, the only FDA-approved adjuvant therapy for adults with kidney cancer that has not spread (localized) and who are at high risk of RCC coming back after having kidney surgery.

About kidney cancer surgery

About kidney cancer surgery

If you’ve had or are considering kidney cancer surgery, it’s important to understand the role it plays in your treatment. Surgery is often the standard approach to treat kidney cancer. The goal of kidney cancer surgery is to physically remove all of
the cancer by taking out the tumor.

Pancreatic NET - Sutent has been proven

SUTENT results

SUTENT has been proven effective in the treatment of advanced pNET in certain patients

A clinical trial proved that SUTENT is an effective treatment for advanced pNET.

Nearly twice the time without progression

Patients treated with SUTENT lived nearly twice the number of months without progression compared with those on placebo.